10 Best Call Blocking Apps For Android 2019

There comes a time in our life when we just don’t want to talk to a certain person or even plural, persons! We try to cut them out of our lives, and somehow it still doesn’t work. Some people just won’t budge off, they will try every method to get to you. What are our options to defend ourselves? We move away, make new friends, change our phone numbers, and in extreme cases, some even change their names.

As horrible as it might sound, rough things do happen to people on a regular basis and that’s when you seek some solace from the disturbing elements in your life. Be it, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings you have fallen out with, parents, or friends. There is really no solid proof as to who could become annoying at which time of their life.

Continue reading to find out our top picks for best free Call Blocking Apps for Android 2017. And YES! These are effective!

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List Of Best Call Blocking Apps For Android 2017

1. Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free- Blacklist is one of the Best Call Blocking App that exists. It lets you block unwanted calls, SMS, MMS and even lets you pick who to add in the ‘Whitelist’ (those, you want to interact with). Another cool feature is the ‘Blocking Mode’ that it lets you pick. There are 4 modes and you can pick whichever you want. In the settings you can configure options whether you want to block one-ring phone scams and if you want to see notifications after the App blocks a number.

Pros: Easy to use, lightweight (only 9.42 MB) and quick at launch.

Cons: It displays ads at the top of the screen.   DownloadQR-Code Call Blocker Free – Blacklist Developer: NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ) Price: Free   

2. Safest Call Blocker

Safest Call Blocker

The interface looks pretty simple. You can add a phone number to blacklist from logs, contacts or manually. In the App Settings, you have very minimum options to choose from, as opposed to a cluttered set of options that makes you want to quit the App at once!

Pros: Very basic, launches quickly.

Cons: Ads at the bottom! Plus, you need to buy a paid version for $12.99   DownloadQR-Code sichersten Anruf Prävention Developer: Warez My Software Price: Free   

3. Hiya 

hiya call blocker

This is truly the most complete and the best call blocker App ever! It also has special features such as reverse phone lookup and caller ID security protection. Also, lets you add your friends, invite them, share the App with everyone. The ‘Settings’, offers three very important services such as call protection, caller ID, and call log, and each of them helps you to monitor and block unwanted calls & text messages.

Pros: Protects your identity and provides complete call blocking. Allows you to make calls from within the App.

Cons: You would need to verify with your phone number, which personally I wouldn’t want to do!   DownloadQR-Code Hiya – Anrufe erkennen/blocken Developer: Hiya Price: Free+

4. Mr Number

This app makes it easy for you to block calls and put an end to Spam. There is also a reverse phone number lookup service.

Pros: Pretty easy to configure and provides total protection.

Cons: Consumes 27.45 MB in storage and crashes a bit.   DownloadQR-Code Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection Developer: Hiya Price: Free+

5. Call Blocker

This App truly deserves all the credit it can get, for being the simplest to use and follow. It is not as sophisticated as others and does the simple job of rejecting unwanted calls for you. You can also put people in Blacklist or Whitelist, as per your wish.

Pros: Pretty simple interface. No Ads.

Cons: GUI could have been better and intriguing.   DownloadQR-Code AnrufSperre Developer: AndroidRock Price: Free   

6. Truecaller


Truecaller is Truly a Caller, that has won over a staggering 100 Million hearts and has a 4.5 Star rating submitted by more than wowing 3.9 Million people!  This App serves as a phone replacement, so when you are in need to speak to someone privately and are out of phone minutes, then try using this genius App that is a lifesaver. You can get numbers from your phone book, or call history, or even type in the desired number. You also receive notifications within the App.

Pros: Very easy to use and has an “easy-on-the-eyes” interface.

Cons: It requires your phone number in the beginning for verification.   DownloadQR-Code Truecaller: Anrufer-ID, Spamschutz & Anrufrecorder Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB Price: Free+

7. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer?

Personally, I like the cool use of green “Squid” graphics they’ve employed in the App. It is pretty easy to set up and allows you to rate the incoming and outgoing calls from a scale of negative to neutral to positive and even unknown. You can also export the data to a server and then import it all back on, just in case you are in between phones or something.

Pros: Ad-free, easy to set up and cool GUI.

Cons: Settings could give you a head spin.   DownloadQR-Code Soll ich annehmen? Developer: Mister Group s.r.o. Price: Free   

8. Root Call Blocker

Meant just for Root call blockers, it blocks certain calls during certain times of the day. It has lower downloads on the newer version and a much less rating as compared to the others, but it is still a reliable call blocking app that is still used by many around the globe. As the name itself claims, it needs you to root your mobile phone.

Pros: Works well with rooted phones.

Cons: Won’t let you proceed through if your device isn’t rooted.   DownloadQR-Code Root Call Blocker Developer: Fahrbot PRI Price: Free+

9. Blacklist Plus

Pretty simple interface, quick launch, and cool features like Blocking Mode, has made this app loved and wanted by over a million users. It lets you schedule when to block calls and SMS, and you can also block private numbers. It also lets you set up a password for privacy.

Pros: Good privacy protection, fairly good service when upgraded to the PRO version.

Cons: The free version has limited abilities.   DownloadQR-Code Blacklist Plus Developer: Vlad Lee Price: Free   

10. ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

Presented by the popular ASUS Computer Inc., ZenUI is all you need to control your phone contacts. There is an in-App dialer that allows you send and receive phone calls, and upload your contacts for easier use. The settings are pretty easy to figure out and it comes with Voicemail service enabled through the App.

Pros: A complete App meant to be used as a replacement to the built-in calling App.

Cons: Takes a few seconds to launch, the higher GUI means more time at launch.   DownloadQR-Code ZenUI Dialer & Kontakte Developer: ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. Price: Free   

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Winding up,

There is every excuse to protect your identity and take proper action to prevent any threat to your life. Whoever it may be trying to disrupt the peace, which is why privacy and safety should be on everyone’s mind, and so, here we listed top 10 calls blocking Apps for Android.

If you have used any other call blocker Apps for android 2017 that have resulted fruitfully, do share them with us in the comments below.

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