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Battlefield has done it again, provided a quality multiplayer game with great realistic graphics built in. As the main role in Battlefield 4, being a Elite Marine, you will encounter heart pounding single players missions and that awesome multiplayer game-play never seen in other games. Play on maps that target all around the world: Europe, North America, and Middle East.

Battlefiel4 game reviewEven with all these new features and excellent quality gameplay, we have people complaining about the single player. This game is build for multiplayer (co-op is also a great thing), meaning the developers aren’t too worries about extra cool content found online. Even so, all the possibilities that can be harnessed with this game, cool weapons, explosions, melee combat, vehicles and more this game has it all.


There are many new features with the vehicles and most of them are great, others, not so much. We would really like to thank DICE and all the other developers, especially the physics engine for them creating this well made game. It has came along way since the first Battlefield, and we continue to think they will always be one step ahead of any other multiplayer game.

In Battlefield 3, the Jet viewpoint was a great viewpoint. Now, the camera is locked on. People seem to have a not so well opinion on that. But that’s not so bad once you get used to it. That doesn’t mean all the vehicles are lame, no. In fact, almost all vehicles are excellent.

When driving and operating a boat, Humvee, tank, jet, you notice the well calculated physics that have been but into this game. The graphics alone make these vehicles one of the best created in the series. Don’t forget to unlock all those extras features with the vehicles. You can be quite strong on the playing field.

What’s best about this game is the size of the maps don’t really effect your strategy’s when it comes to the vehicles. It’s great to find a tank in a close quarters combat. The only way to overcome this is with c4 or any other explosives really. With the games 60 frame per second gameplay, you can bet driving anything is going to be smooth without any interruption.

Onto some good news, the maps. At first there wasn’t many to chose from upon the release. Now that time has passed, many new maps have been released. We think some are just created to waste space, but majority of the new ones have been a great addition to the game. Make sure to download the DLC and updates to enjoy the best benefits and extras that have been developed so far with this game.

battlefield 4 jet review

That sums of our review for this game. If you haven’t already, we really recommend this game when be able to chose for a new one. Battlefield has done a job well done, and we continue to think they will also continue to do. They have some flaws in this, game but they’re minuscule on the whole. It has been a nice jump to battlefield 3 to this.

With all said and done, we rate it 4/5


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