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Receive Instant Xbox Games With Gold

It seems the month of August is a crazy one, with the release of Bitcoin Cash and the free xbox games with Gold program, Microsoft is doing in part to bring new gamers. Now for a limited time, you will be able to receive four free Games on the Xbox One and the 360 gaming console! For the first time in a long [...]

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Confirmed 2016 Game Release Schedule

We have compiled a list for the 2016 Game release schedule. Very excellent game titles are on the list, and we cant wait to see what our best publishers produce! Click the Months to view Game titles. [toggle title="January" state="close"]Shooting Stars (PC, Mac, Linux) - January 4 Amplitude (PS4) - January 5 Hardware: Rivals (PS4) - January 5 Rebel Galaxy (PS4) - [...]

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Star Wars Battlefront Trailer & Review

You know it's about time. Finally, a new Star Wars (Battlefront) on the next generation gaming consoles! Not only is this game going to look great, it's going to have all the classics we admire. Devloper of this game was DICE, and we know how well they construct games, to make sure to give thanks to them (for this awesome multiplayer game) [...]

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst 2 | Xbox One Gameplay & Trailer

[embed width="720" height="480"][/embed]   EA is back for more. Actually, Faith Connors is back again and you will control her destiny.  With awesome new gameplay, great new physics and combat, you can walk the walls and jump the gaps with ease in this game. Updated moves and hand to hand combat allows for an excellent smooth gaming experience.   In this game, [...]

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Pre-Order Tom Clancy’s – The Division Xbox One

Ubisoft is finally making a stand in the gaming world with their new game being released this 2016 year - Tom Clancy's The Division for most gaming platforms, Xbox One, PS4, PC. Be sure to preorder this game now. [button color="" size="" type="round" target="" link=""]Preorder Tom Clancy's The Division[/button] This game takes place smack dab in the middle of New York city. [...]

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Receive 2 Xbox One Games W/ Purchase 500GB Xbox One -Amazon!

This BlackFriday (Limited Time offer), get your Xbox One™ exclusive discount, bundled with 2 games, of your choice. Act fast, as this deal is only going to last 2 hours. click here to view more details If you haven't already picked up an Xbox, this is a great time because of the price of any 2 games. Be on the lookout and [...]

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Learn The Ways For Free Xbox Live Gold Codes & Points!

Trying to search the internet for free microsoft points no surveys or gold codes will most likely leave you empty handed as these codes will most likely be used up already. So, to solve that problem, here at we have the perfect 4 Step Solution for you! This requires no technical knowledge, or software making this the perfect and best answer [...]

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Battlefield 4 Review + Trailer

Battlefield has done it again, provided a quality multiplayer game with great realistic graphics built in. As the main role in Battlefield 4, being a Elite Marine, you will encounter heart pounding single players missions and that awesome multiplayer game-play never seen in other games. Play on maps that target all around the world: Europe, North America, and Middle East. Even with [...]

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