L.A. Noire Coming to Xbox One, Switch, And PS4!

It is now official, Rockstars game - L.A. Noire is heading to modern day consoles near you on, including the Xbox One November 14th 2017! This is going to be amazing and something you do not want to miss. This game will feature only the highest quality graphics and only the highest quality story line provided to gamers at a low cost. [...]

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NASCAR Heat Evolution Game Announcement (Xbox One, PS4)

Did you ever wonder what it's like to win the Sprint Cup? Well, bad news, unless you are a professional NASCAR driver who happens to win the Cup, you will never truly know. But you can now come close! With original developer - Monster Games, creating the first NASCAR game for Xbox and PS4 releasing later this year, it should be a [...]

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Star Wars Battlefront Trailer & Review

You know it's about time. Finally, a new Star Wars (Battlefront) on the next generation gaming consoles! Not only is this game going to look great, it's going to have all the classics we admire. Devloper of this game was DICE, and we know how well they construct games, to make sure to give thanks to them (for this awesome multiplayer game) [...]

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Pre-Order Tom Clancy’s – The Division Xbox One

Ubisoft is finally making a stand in the gaming world with their new game being released this 2016 year - Tom Clancy's The Division for most gaming platforms, Xbox One, PS4, PC. Be sure to preorder this game now. [button color="" size="" type="round" target="" link="http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/games/tom-clancys-the-division/115467"]Preorder Tom Clancy's The Division[/button] This game takes place smack dab in the middle of New York city. [...]

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Battlefield 4 Review + Trailer

Battlefield has done it again, provided a quality multiplayer game with great realistic graphics built in. As the main role in Battlefield 4, being a Elite Marine, you will encounter heart pounding single players missions and that awesome multiplayer game-play never seen in other games. Play on maps that target all around the world: Europe, North America, and Middle East. Even with [...]

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