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It seems the month of August is a crazy one, with the release of Bitcoin Cash and the free xbox games with Gold program, Microsoft is doing in part to bring new gamers. Now for a limited time, you will be able to receive four free Games on the Xbox One and the 360 gaming console!

For the first time in a long time has Microsoft released games that were actually good, so be sure to check them out below. Be sure to download them as soon as possible because the free Xbox One games with gold giveaway won’t last long!

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Your Free Xbox One Games -Slime Rancher for Xbox One & PC

An addictive, and stylish games that is very colorful and somewhat cute. This game is called Slime Rancher. However, with the physics being as good as they are, this first person single player will bring an exciting new look to gaming! From the PC to PlayStation, this game is one of the best there is. Though, the Xbox one is the best gaming console so there is that.

xbox one free games slime rancher

Anyways, next up. 

Bayonetta (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

I am not sure why this game is free, but it is. It is amazing though, and you should check it out. It is a very nice game of which you can slice and dice your way through each level if you know what I mean. On August 15th, 2017, Bayonetta will be released for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360!

bayonetta xbox one game release august

Red Faction – Armageddon (Xbox One)

This game will be released for the Xbox One and is the reboot of the 2011 series which has gained the reputation for being the best game that is both terrible, but great. Very interesting game, it has very good deep space horror visuals, so if there is a game where space is important, this one is great, and maybe why you can get it for free from the Microsoft Xbox Gold Store.

Red Space Armageddon, Xbox One Gameplay Wallpaper

That is all for now, hope you all enjoyed this latest article where you can really get free games!

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