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For many of the gamers searching: how to get free 1600 Microsoft points, you have found the right place. Today, we at Free Gold And Points will provide you a step by step guide so that you can get free 1600 Microsoft points delivered to you! No purchases necessary!

With all the bogus articles out there, we have finally delivered and created a easy follow guide for you!

The Free Microsoft Points Basics

As you probably know, Microsoft points can be used on xbox live to purchase many DLC and extra downloadable content, or xbox live. But the thing is it cost money, and for most it isn’t something that people would like to spend money on. Neither do we!

The first thing you need to do is Sign up to our Newsletter from above, not only will be given the direct link to get your Microsoft points free, but you will also be subscribed to get the latest Xbox Live Gold Codes, Free Microsoft Points, Game Giveaways, Gaming News, and more!



Receive Your Microsoft Points By Email!

Once you signed up to our newsletter and confirmed your email, you will be given a direct link. Once you are at the link go ahead and create and account.

Use real information so you won’t get your account suspended. Then once you have successfully signed up, you will be given 250 points deposited directly into your account – free! You are one step closer to getting your free points & Gold!



Step 3: Getting 1600 Microsoft Points

Now that we have gotten 250 points free from following the steps above, it is time to get more points!

On the top of the Homepage click “Earn Points”. Once you have done that you will be redirected to a list of surveys to complete.

Some can take 2 minutes while other 10 minutes! However, most of these surveys give you a lot of points. You need to do about 20 of them.

Once you have successfully completed 20 surveys and have earned enough points it is time to cash out!



Cashing Out

Ah yes, the final step. The step we have all been waiting for. Since we have gotten enough points for our free Microsoft point card it is time to cash out.

To do this go the link given to you in the email, on the homepage of that link, go to the top and it will say “Spend points”.  Click that.

Once you have clicked spend points you will be redirected to the page to cash out your points. You can buy anything you want, but today will be getting Microsoft points. So search for Microsoft points and add it to your account!

You can have these codes delivered to you physically or have them emailed to you. We of course prefer them emailed, it’s much faster than having to wait.

So load those up and you are free to game!


We hope you enjoyed out Step By Step Guide To Help You Get Free Microsoft Points!




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