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The Great Internet of Games is about to get really busy. It’s early June, which means you’ll soon be hit by around 397 E3 2018 games per minute, for roughly a week. It’s going to be a lot to keep track of. Separating the real hotness from the lukewarm background noise during E3 is akin to wading through a swamp made of medicine balls, each and every day.

So don’t bother. Let us do it for you instead. It’s what we’re here for.

We’ll be at the show, reporting on everything that matters, as it happens, as well as providing deeper, bigger-picture critique from the GR home office. The site homepage will bring you everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t, all week, but we’re also going a step further than that. For the next two Fridays, starting today at 8pm BST/12pm PT, the weekly GamesRadar newsletter will be dedicated to all things E3, with precisely zero fluff contained.

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Today, we’ll provide you with a direct line to all our biggest preview and speculation material, setting you up with the very real shape of exactly what to expect from this year’s show. Next week, we’ll bring you the aftermath breakdown, digging into all the major announcements, happenings, and reveals, and talking through exactly what they all mean. Quite probably with jokes and podcasts thrown in along the way. That tends to be how we do things.

The best bit? By inviting this red-hot surge of E3 into your life, you’ll also get a free copy of The 100 Greatest Videogames eBook from our esteemed friends at Edge magazine, as well as similarly high-value shots of gaming, movie, and TV insight each and every weekend, delivering everything from the biggest news, previews, reviews, and features, to playing, viewing, and buying guides to save you time and money.

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