How To Remove Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

Is your Device got locked? And you are looking for How to Unlock Pattern Lock in Android without Losing Data then you are at right place. If your phone got locked with pattern lock and you had forget your Pattern then surely you want to unlock it.

One of the best and easiest method which comes in mind in this situation is by formatting your device from recovery mode by which your full Android mobile get formatted and it reset your phone. But in that method you will lose all data of your Android, so some people get scared about their data which is so important for them. Now they starts searching on google about how to unlock pattern lock without losing data or method to remove pattern lock without data loss, but mostly Websites, mentioned wrong title and inside there content, they mentioned old method, that is formatting your Android, After visiting that websites, some people thinks that this is the only and last method to remove forget pattern lock of their Android.

But you are wrong. Yes!! there is also another method by which you can unlock pattern lock in android without formatting, and in this article I am going to sharing that method with you. Mostly people use Locks on their Android phone to keep their private data safe from others who touch their phone many times in a day, while some people do this for keeping their Girlfriend’s photos away from their friends and family members :-p.

Pattern lock is much popular in our Android locks, as it is the simplest and fastest locking method of Android which is loved by so many users. And some people are so serious with there phone’s security so they change their Pattern lock daily and one day they get confused about which pattern they designed last night in their Android?

This is a big and very serious problem for them. Now what to do? They thinks to unlock their phone from any store in market, but when they told that they have to format their phone and all the data stored in their device will be deleted, they fill so tired because their important data is saved in their mobile. But they have to take action of formatting their phone because they thinks that there is no other option to unlock Android patter lock, but actually you are wrong, there are so many tricks by which you can remove pattern lock of Android without losing data.

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So I am going to share a trick to unlock pattern lock without data lost in android by which you are able to remove any lock of your Android in a simple steps with your PC. You can’t lost your device data by this method, so this is the best way to remove pattern lock without losing data in Android. You needs PC or Laptop for this method unlock your Pattern lock. Here I am going to explaining step by step full tutorial to unlock pattern lock without losing data of Android. Let’s follow all the steps carefully and remove pattern lock in a simple steps.How to Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

Requirements To Bypass Pattern Lock In Any Android:

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To unlock pattern lock of android without data lost, you have to complete these basic requirements first. Without these requirements, you can’t able to follow this tutorial of removing pattern lock in android with losing data. So first read these basic requirements and complete them, only then proceed to next steps.

  • First of all you need PC or Laptop
  • One Data Cable to connect your Android with PC
  • Install USB drivers of your Android phone in your PC
  • Flash Custom Recovery in your Android (Like- Cwm, Twrp) [Or you can Google for it with your device name]
  • Download Fastboot Drivers From Here.

Note: This method is only works in Android whose Bootloader is Unlocked.

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How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android Without Losing Data

Only after completing all basic requirements, proceed to these steps. Let’s follow these all step by step guide to remove pattern lock in android without losing data.

1) First of all download and install USB drivers of your Android device in your PC. (As I already mentioned in requirements)

You can find USB drivers of your device by searching “download usb drivers for ‘Your device name here’” on Google.

2) Make sure you flashed Custom Recovery like Cwm or Twrp on your android if not then you can find full tutorial on Google about it, So first Flash CWM custom recovery on your device then proceed to next steps.

3) Then, reboot your device and open Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up Button+Power Button+Home Button of your android.

Note: Every Android device have different keys to open Recovery mode, so I suggest to Google it for your device.

4) Now, Download and Extract FastBoot Drivers Zip file from here.

5) Now, in your Android, as you already opened Recovery mode, open Mount and Storage option from list appeared in recovery mode.

6) Then, choose mount/data/ option from list appeared on screen after clicking on Mount and storage option.

7) Now, connect your Android with PC by using USB cable.

7) Now open Fastboot Drivers files which you extracted in your PC in above steps. How to remove pattern lock in android without losing data

8) Press & Hold Right Shift button from your keyboard and Right click anywhere in Fastboot folder and select Open Command Window Here option. how to remove pattern lock in android without losing data

9) Now CMD command window for ADB_Fastboot will appear on your desktop screen. how to remove pattern lock in android without losing data

10) Now, type Abd devices to make sure that your device is successfully connected to your PC.

11) If it show your device connected, then your are ready and if not then try another USB cable or check USB drivers you installed in your PC or not.

12) After your device got connected successfully with your PC, proceed to next steps.

13) Now, type adb shell in command window and then type rm/data/system/gesture.key.

14) Done, now restart your Android from the option given in Recovery mode.

15) Voila!! You device isn’t asking for any pattern lock on startup  , your pattern lock is successfully removed without losing data of your device.

16) If it is showing and Pattern lock till now, then just draw and patter in it and it will open your Device. 

That’s it, it is the method to remove pattern lock in android without losing its data or if your data is formatted already then you can recover your deleted data by reading out tutorial about how to recover deleted files in Android.

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose and we are not responsible for any harm happened to you or your device after using this tutorial, so try it on your own risk.

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Final Words

So friends this is the method to remove pattern lock in android without losing data. You can easily unlock pattern lock in android with data lost by our method. Here I shared full step by step tutorial to remove pattern lock in android without formatting data by which you can unlock pattern lock without losing data in Android.

If you are unable to unlock your Android with this method, you should contact to your device’s nearest service center. But, as I have checked it works fine in almost every Android phone and this is the best ever method to unlock any Android pattern lock without losing data. If you have any query regarding to this tutorial, feel free to comment below.   5 (100%) 1 vote      

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