3 Easy Steps – How to Get a Free Xbox One Guide!

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We all know receiving and learning how to get a free xbox one x is probably the best thing to ever happen especially since they start at over $499 at launch!

Now at last, it can now be done in 3 easy and simple steps!

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Learn How to Receive a Project Scorpion Xbox & More!

Let us begin with one of the most important steps of all – Registering. In order for everything else be successful and want to know how, we need to sign up, and confirm your email.

Click here to sign up

Now that we have signed up, check your email to gain access to your free xbox one and much more!

After you have confirmed your email, you should have 250 points directly deposited into your account, which makes it that much closer to receiving the Xbox One for Free!

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Second Step – Earn as Much as You Can!

Amazing, you made it this far. Let us keep going. We now need to earn, a lot. So much, but so fast. In order to do this, click the earn tab, and click on any survey to begin.

It will take about 5-8 minutes and you can earn a lot for each one – fast!

Slowly, but surely you will have enough saved up for a free xbox one in just a short amount of time. Now on to the last and final step!

snaps of the xbox one


snaps 2 of the xbox one

Final Step – Receive Your Xbox One!

Of course, this is the best step. After all, this is the step on how you learn to get your xbox one delivered to your address!

So, after you have saved up enough points to redeem your xbox one for free, click the spend points tab.

Search for the xbox one x, and click redeem. Now fill out your address and in about 6-12 hours your order will be approved and will be sent directly from Amazon to you!

look how the xbox one x new looks

It is so amazing and is the exact process on how thousands of gamers never purchase their xbox one ever again!



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