Musician and YouTube star Tina Guo picks her 10 greatest video game soundtracks

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You may – or may not – be familiar with cellist, composer and Classic Brit Awards nominee Tina Guo. Her stirring version of Skyrim’s Dragonborn theme has been viewed an incredible 5.3 million times on YouTube. She was the cello soloist on movies including Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2 and Sleepy Hollow; with composer and producer duties on Call of Duty: Ghosts. Oh, and she’s lending her electric cello skills to the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 soundtrack – more on that below.

Tina is perhaps most famous for her dramatic, cosplay-led, YouTube videos – we’re big fans of her enjoyably OTT Pokemon medley – and has worked with musicians including The Foo Fighters, The Smiths’ Jonny Marr and legendary movie composer Hans Zimmer. Basically, she has the kind of CV that makes you weep, and, to top it all, has recently been nominated for Female Artist of the Year at the Classic Brit Awards alongside Dame Vera Lynn, opera diva Renee Fleming and singer / actress Sheridan Smith. 

Well, we say that, but Tina’s career has clearly been a pre-amble to this moment: choosing her 10 favorite video-game soundtracks for GamesRadar+. She may never say that with actual words, but we know it’s true. Without further pause to reflect on how we’ve dedicated our lives to collecting 51 Odin’s Ravens in God of War when we could have been touring the world as an internationally acclaimed cellist, here are Tina’s top 10 tracks.

“Epic, Huge, Giant Male Choir, War Anthem… what else can I say? :D”, says Tina. We’ll spare her blushes further and just post Tina’s *ever so slightly popular* version of the main theme from Bethesda’s RPG.

“The soundtrack is incredibly moody and creepy, in a beautiful way. I love [composer] Dan Licht’s writing in Dexter, and this soundtrack definitely showcases his very original sound. The more melodic moments as much as the amazing sound effects and ambiance based tracks.”

“A classic that brings me back to my gaming days with the little brother! The Ground Theme just makes me bounce side-to-side and all of the music is so feel-good and fun.”

“Another incredibly unique soundtrack by Austin [Wintory]! My friend Sandy Cameron recorded violin solos on this and I recorded on acoustic cello – and this was honestly the most difficult music I think that may have ever been written for a video game soundtrack in a more ‘traditional European art music aka classical style’.” 

“I’ve known Austin Wintory since college and this was the very first video game that I recorded on. I remember seeing the hand-written notes and recording them with Austin at his old studio in [The Jungle Book, Iron Man 2 and The Jungle Book composer] John Debney’s building across from WB. His incredibly unique style of writing and the many textures, tonalities, and dreamy soundscapes of this soundtrack was nothing like I’d heard before, and it was even more magical to hear the final mixes, after all the elements were recorded and mixed.”

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