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It has been reported by Microsoft that the new Xbox One models will be codenamed Project Scorpio and Project Polygon.

Currently, only a few things have been released about the Xbox models & projects coming out in the next few years.
What has been confirmed is that both projects will have 4x as better hardware, graphics, and looks.

With the price right around the sweet spot.

Don’t forget there will be 2 models.
The first model will be the more expensive one – Project Scorpio.

microsoft xbox one project Scorpio image console

Xbox One – Scorpio will feature a 3-4tb HDD, slimmed down, and 40% faster hardware including 4k Resolution Support.

Another great feature to look forward to, is an updated controller redesign. That’s right, a whole new redesign on the Xbox One controller.

xbox controller redesign prototype

With the smaller and cheaper new Xbox One console codenamed – Project Polygon, it will only have a 2TB hdd, a little bit more slimmed down, and will be revealed later this year at E3!

We do believe the smaller console will also have 4k support.

Scorpio microsoft console

Be on the look out for more news regarding Microsofts new Projects.

Let us know what you think the new Xbox One will support below

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