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You know it’s about time. Finally, a new Star Wars (Battlefront) on the next generation gaming consoles! Not only is this game going to look great, it’s going to have all the classics we admire.

Devloper of this game was DICE, and we know how well they construct games, to make sure to give thanks to them (for this awesome multiplayer game) when you have a chance.

Before reading more, check out the trailer above so you know what we are looking at.

stars wars battlefront gameplay xbox one

Okay, just by looking at the trailer and the graphics, this game is going to be great. Granted there is no actual single player campaign. Sadly, yes we know. Maybe there will be on the next one. But who plays the campaigns anyways? Multiplayer is where it’s at, and Battlefronts Survival Mode is cream of the crop.

Anyway’s we said this is going to be a review so let’s start by reviewing the visual, and alike features.

If however you can get this came on PC, please do. We know how great the xbox and ps4 is, but really this game will be looking best on the PC.

Seconds choice would be the Xbox one, followed by the blurry ps4.

This game features clear textures, and very clean and realistic lighting on all platforms. Maps are huge and come with perfectly matched vehicles, weapon loadouts, items, heroes, and more!

Now only the it look good on all of them, despite their differences, the gameplay is Exceptional.

  • Phenemonal
  • Outstanding
  • Magnificent

Okay you get the point. It looks good and the gameplay is smooth.  —-Moving on.

gameplay dice xbox one

We think the weapons on this game is equipped with the classics and have great potential for it to be a huge success. The weapons aren’t too crazy, no, they are just what is expected from a great multiplayer game (Battlefront Style)

Snipers, pistols, automatics, explosives and more this game offers a variety to chose from with many combination’s and upgrades to unlock.

With the vehicles, we will keep and short and say that this is probably one of the best things in the game. Getting the sense of realism and scale with this game.

You didn’t really find that on the original Xbox battlefront. That one the vehicles felt and looked like it was made of paper.

This game takes Battlefront vehicles and mods them to extreme realistic levels.

Take a look at the video below to see all the vehicles offered in this game.

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