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3 Easy Steps – How to Get a Free Xbox One Guide!

We all know receiving and learning how to get a free xbox one x is probably the best thing to ever happen especially since they start at over $499 at launch! Now at last, it can now be done in 3 easy and simple steps!   Learn How to Receive a Project Scorpion Xbox & More! Let us begin with one of [...]

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Find out How To Get Star Wars Battlefront 2 for Free on Xbox One Now!

Many gamers are wondering how to get star wars battlefront 2 for free on the Xbox before its even available, and that is great because we have the answer! That is right, when Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes out on the Xbox One around November, you will be the first to receive it, free straight from Amazon! That best part about it, [...]

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Choose Your Xbox Live Gold With Stunning Free New Upgrades

The art of the deal involves getting Microsoft Xbox live gold for the Xbox one. One reason and one reason only - it's the best. Xbox live has been the best service offered by a gaming company in a long time. Between its crazy free Xbox live upgrade deals and other free game demos, when you choose to game with Microsoft, you [...]

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Receive Instant Xbox Games With Gold

It seems the month of August is a crazy one, with the release of Bitcoin Cash and the free xbox games with Gold program, Microsoft is doing in part to bring new gamers. Now for a limited time, you will be able to receive four free Games on the Xbox One and the 360 gaming console! For the first time in a long [...]

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[Official] Upgraded Xbox One Slim Leaked Images

Great! The Xbox One finally is getting a well needed Upgrade. It seems Microsoft had listened to their fans after all, releasing new images and specifications of the new Xbox One coming out later this year at E3 today. Here are the Xbox One New Specs: [toggle title="Xbox One Slim Specs" state="open"] 2TB HardDrive 4k Resolution Support (YES!) Vertical Stand (Meh) White[/toggle] [...]

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