The best VPNs deals for console gaming this Black Friday

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 VPNs – or, Virtual Private Networks, services which mask your online location and tell the internet that you’re connecting from elsewhere –  have a great many uses. Maybe you want to access an overseas version of your console’s online store, or get into a beta early. Maybe you just want to browse the web more privately, or try to access faster online gaming speeds. VPNs can help with all of this. Better yet, VPNs aren’t as time-consuming to set up as you might think, and cost as little as $6 a month. We outline the benefits of setting up a VPN on your PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch below, and exactly how you go about doing so. 

But before we get cracking, we just thought it pertinent to draw your attention to a few special Black Friday VPN deals, which might well be worth of your attention if you’re thinking of taking the plunge. Some of these prices are ridiculous. 

Tunnel Bear: $4.16 per month, at 58% off Unlimited access over five separate devices at a delightfully discounted rate, for just $49.88 a year. That’s $4.16 per month at Tunnel Bear, our number one VPN for ease-of-use. 

IPVanish: $2.87 per month, down from $10 per month Get some of the fastest VPN speeds around, with zero data logged for maximum privacy. Up to 73% off at IPVanish until November 30

VyprVPN: $3.75 per month, down from $5 per month Unlimited data usage over up to three separate connections. That’s an annual plan at 25% off at VyprVPN

Zenmate: 50% off That’s a healthy half off a 12 month sign-up, giving you Zenmate VPN for just $4.99 per month

Virtual private networks (VPNs) create secure connections so you can access other networks privately. Basically, your VPN provider will replace your IP address which will make it appear as though you’re accessing the Internet from somewhere else. One of the main uses is to maintain your privacy, so you can browse the Internet anonymously. It all depends on how you feel about your data being gathered and sold by your ISP and other companies. VPNs are definitely worth a look if you’re annoyed by targeted ads appearing after you’ve searched for something online. They’re generally designed for PC use, however there are also benefits to console users. 

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